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The Cooker & the Kitchen

The kitchen. Why is it so important? The kitchen is usually a room that must be updated and staged for a good sale. A newly renovated or updated kitchen is what buyers look for when committing to a sale. Most buyers do not like the idea of having to adapt the kitchen to their needs before they get a chance to use it. They want it now and they want it ready to use!

Whether it’s the lady of the house or the man of the house that runs the kitchen, the kitchen is the center of the home. It’s where all the meals are prepared three times a day. It’s also where phone calls are made, to-do lists are posted, and every member of the family uses the kitchen frequently.

TIP:  Modern kitchens tend to have a small workspace or computer included in them as well.

Kitchens can be very costly to renovate but here’s a few tricks to keep in the costs down and the results effective:

  • Paint goes a long way! Just by adding two coats of white or a lighter neutral color can have a huge effect on unattractive kitchen cabinets.
  • Changing the hardware on the doors and drawers can make a kitchen look updated.
  • Update the faucet!
  • Consider changing the countertop to a color that flows better with the color scheme of your kitchen.
  • Update the lighting fixtures.
  • If changing the countertop isn’t an option, then paint or change the backsplash to better accent the kitchen.
  • Replace the grout and complete all minor repairs.
  • Last but not least, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!

Kitchens are key to a good sale. If it’s not functional or enjoyable to be in, then you will have problems winning over the cook!

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