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Creative “Interior/Exterior” Spaces

A hot trend in interior design right now is “exterior / interior” spaces. What does that even mean? That means bringing nature inside, or bringing the feeling of being inside to the outside.  A perfect exterior / interior space is where the lines are blurred- when you can’t tell if it’s an inside room or an outside space. Nature creates a sense of calmness and a fresh welcoming feel. That’s why most interior designs include plants, patterns found in nature, water elements, or fire elements (to name a few).

What does this have to do with Home Staging? In short: A lot. Selling your property has a lot to do with square footage and presentation. What if I told you one of the simplest ways to enhance the presentation and apparent square footage of a property is to bring interior outside?  Now hold on a minute, let me illustrate with one of the most relevant examples of this technique.

Treat you back yard as an outdoor living room, entertainment space, or relaxation retreat. Dress it up and furnish it with appropriate weather resistant furniture.  Arrange this new exterior / interior space to look as if it is a room with a purpose all of its own. Buyers will start looking at this interior / exterior space as a selling feature and an excellent bonus space (not just a lawn with a fence).

Think about it like this: each outdoor space you stage is like adding a room to the property. More Rooms = More Value = Better Sale = More Money. Now, wouldn’t you want to do this for every available outdoor space?

Don’t stop at staging the backyard- Stage the front yard and the porch as well (remember curb appeal). It’s even more important to stage the front of the house because that it the first part of the home buyers see. Transform even the smallest porch into perfect nook for sitting and enjoying a summer breeze. Make all your outdoor spaces welcoming and bring out the potential in each one. This is just one extra way to increase your profit and maximize your home’s potential for sale!

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Chandra Bradley
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