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Laundry Room: Mess or Mesmerizing?

How does your laundry room look? Be honest. No matter if its a small corner of your basement or a closet- you have to make sure it’s presentable. Laundry is a sore spot for a lot of men and women- so it’s your job to make the laundry space look as fresh and organized. You want buyers to be impressed with your features not distressed.

When selling a home the laundry space is often ignored.  Sadly, pretending it’s not there doesn’t really cut it with potential home buyers.  Eventually we all have to do laundry; it’s a harsh, yet almost inevitable reality. So, let potential home buyers see how clean, organized, inviting, and efficient a laundry room or closet can be.

Storage is key a factor when sprucing up your laundry room! Organize any products in cupboards or decorative baskets on shelves. Keep laundry in a non-transparent basket. Hang any laundry tools such as ironing boards and irons, or if you can’t hang them, store them neatly in a closet. Fold every towel and pile from largest to smallest. Make sure everything has a place and each place has a function.  If you can,  let in the light! There’s nothing worse than a dark dingy laundry room- so open up the curtains or change the light fixture to light up the space!

Now, for decorating an impossible room, the key is to make sure the whole picture looks like it has a specific pallet consisting of mostly one color through 85% of the space.  The other 15% is best used for one or two accent colors. Towels can be used as decorative pieces. You can also lay down a floor mat to define the space. Make sure the walls are complimentary to your space. Paint them a color that’s light and goes well with the overall look. You can also use wallpaper to add interest if needed. Last but not least, a fresh bouquet of flowers not only adds an inviting scent but also makes your once messy room look more inviting!

I know, it sounds like a lot of effort for a room you’d like to pretend didn’t exist.  But if you follow these simple steps it not only makes the buyers happy and help make your home stand out amongst the hundreds of other similar homes on the market!

Thanks for reading, and please browse through our Blog for more Toronto Home Staging Tips! And always remember: “A Home that shows well, sells well!”

Chandra Bradley
CEO Home Staging Visuals Inc.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Stager
Toronto, Ontario  M9W 7J4

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