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Why Neutral Colors are a Good Thing

A picture is worth a thousand words… and apparently this one is worth a thousand colors as well. Was it indecision or over excitement? We will never know.  The paint job above is not a total waste; it serves as an amazing learning opportunity for a Home Stager.

Let’s talk about color! For those who didn’t already know, rainbow is out. Neutrals are in when you’re selling a property. “Why neutrals,” you say? “They’re so boring!” There are hundreds of different neutral hues, shades, and tones that can be combined to create a very sophisticated, interesting look for any room. Neutral does not mean boring.

Neutrals are quieter, more complimentary, and are appealing to a more diverse group of potential home buyers. Although you may have a pink fetish, and you think the world would be a better place if everything were pink, not everyone may see things your way.

“Give me facts! What is the difference?”  Ok, here it is:

  • Neutrals appeal to the widest range of buyers which means more bids / offers for you!
  • Neutrals lighten up a space and lift the energy levels, which means the buyers will get a more positive feeling about the home.
  • When neutrals lighten up a space, that in turn creates the illusion of more space and the room looks BIGGER! Which means it emphasizes the selling features of your house.
  • Neutrals help the exterior of a house fit in with the neighborhood instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.  No buyer wants to have to paint the exterior of any house they just bought.
  • Finally neutrals are a friendly group. They get along with pretty much everything and can go in pretty much any room imaginable.

Bottom line – freshly, updated paint is on of the Top 3 selling features that buyers look for on their hunt so don’t disappoint them or in this case, shock and scare them. It’s an inexpensive, manageable feature that will get you a long way and give you a lot in return.

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Chandra Bradley
CEO Home Staging Visuals Inc.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Home Stager
Toronto, Ontario  M9W 7J4

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