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Igloo, Sauna, or Smelly Feet!?

Time for the open house!! Unfortunately there’s an odor that hits every buyer as soon as they walk through the door. What could it be? Where is it coming from? …How much longer can they hold their breath? These are all the things running through their heads as they view your house. Don’t let their mind be preoccupied with the mystery smell. Instead, eliminate it before they arrive so they are comfortably free to flood their minds with how amazing your property shows!


  • Open the windows in the summer!
  • Bake a fresh batch of cookies before an open house and have them for snacks for viewers
  • Don’t cook anything that smells “bad” (like fish) a few days before the open house
  • Take out the garbage
  • Do NOT use artificial air fresheners (They give the impression your trying to overpower a bad smell)
  • Add fresh greenery or flowers to the room
  • Make sure there is no trace of pets (a lot of buyers don’t keep pets and see them as liabilities. Play it safe and take your pets with you when you leave or find a temporary home for them)

Now that smells good! …But now they’re freezing! Make sure they feel comfortable walking in to a cozy, perfectly heated/cooled house. Erase all concerns of inadequate insulation, heating and air conditioning. No Sauna, no Igloo, no smelly feet, just perfect!

Thanks for reading, and please browse through our Blog for more Toronto Home Staging Tips! And always remember: “A Home that shows well, sells well!”

Chandra Bradley
CEO Home Staging Visuals Inc.

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Toronto, Ontario  M9W 7J4

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