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Pin the Tail on the Donkey..Err, I Mean Wall Art :s

The age-old question… Where do I place the painting? When staging a house: de-clutter the walls, depersonalize them, and use large pieces of art rather then smaller groupings. A wall should only have 1-3 pieces of art on it.

Selection of art is key as well. Try to use art that compliments your chosen color pallet and theme running throughout the room. Art is used to accent a space- not to be the focal. You want the buyers to focus on what they’re buying not your personal taste in art. Stick to abstract, landscape, or still art. Avoid anything that points to religion or culture. Avoid unintentionally turning off buyers buy using art that they can’t relate to (such as quotation art and single word art).

Tip: Exact measurements (Staging Secrets)

  • The center of the painting should be 60”-66” from the floor (5’-5’6” Gallery Height) and centered on the wall.
  • If you want to hang more below or beside then make sure they are evenly spaced.
  • Always use a leveler to straighten your wall hangings.
  • Lay art on the floor in front of the wall you chose before hanging to help determine placement especially if there is a grouping of art.
  • Visually heavier item on the bottom! Paintings should reach approx ¾ of the length of the couch or furniture item below it.

Art is meant to compliment and accent, and it is usually one of the last things you place in a space. With proper selection and placement you can transform any space into a showstopper!

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