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Toronto Condos in the Skyline

Cramped Condo Staging is a MUST!

Condos are popping up like dandelions in the Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding real estate markets.  Consider the massive cityscape transformations due to new condo buildings in the last 10 years in downtown Toronto, Yonge & Sheppard, Yonge & Eglington, Bayview & Sheppard, Mississauga (near square-one), and the list goes on and on.  There is no doubt that there is a huge condo market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

There are many reasons why new home owners prefer the luxurious low maintenance appeal of a condo.  It could be the minimalist allure, luxurious amenities, or the wonderful views of the city skyline or lake.  Whatever the reason may be, condo dwellings are an increasingly popular choice for new home owners.

However, there is always one looming concern with most potential condo buyers: the sometimes ultra awkwardly shaped and compact living quarters of an average 500-900 square foot condo!  This is why it is absolutely imperative to show each condo with a layout highly optimized for space, function, comfort, and class.

Walking into a 500-900 square foot bachelor condo it’s sometimes hard to see yourself ever effectively fitting any furniture or living comfortably.  Where would you put your 52” TV? What about the layout of a space that is designed to be both a dining area and living room?  How about the small balcony that is supposedly a selling feature?

Don’t let the potential buyer walk in and guess at how any furniture could possibly fit in that space.  Just show them the true potential of the space with beautiful staging job, and you’ll have that luxury condo sold in no time!  Here are some basic condo staging tips to get you started.

Condo Staging Tips!

  • Use smaller scale (yet full) furniture sets designed for condo living spaces
  • A 52” television or a 7 ft tall indoor plant are probably not well suited for 350 square foot condo- always select appropriately sized decor and entertainment elements
  • Remove ALL clutter from the space- condo’s get cluttered VERY quickly and it seriously disturbs the flow from one room to another
  • The entrance must be free of all obstructions and must be staged in a manner that doesn’t have visitors bumping into one another or tripping over shoes as soon as they arrive
  • Keep all the windows open during viewings and use mirrors where appropriate to create the illusion of more space
  • Make use of that outdoor space (balcony) that most people think they’ll never use.  Make it inviting and relaxing with a small tabel, one or two chairs, and some flower boxes- this small change will make a significant difference in themind of the buyer

Always remember: A home that shows well, sells well!


Chandra Bradley
CEO Home Staging Visuals Inc.

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Toronto, Ontario  M9W 7J4

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