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Cracks In-between the Cracks!

 Cracks aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes cracks are a cheap solution to making something look brand sparkling new! Grout, for example, is a hidden shortcut to rejuvenated appeal that many homeowners don’t know about.   What is grout? Grout is the paste between the cracks of tiles, bathtubs, back-splashes, stone patios, and more.

Most home owners don’t know that unless the tile is damaged or in extremely bad shape, then you might be able to just renew the grout with a thorough cleaning. Take the picture above for example, just like magic! This is a perfect example of Grout Renewal! Same tiles, new grout! Just make sure you ask a trained professional to tackle this project (mistakes can be made).

So, what other cracks can you use to revitalize your home for little cost? The cracks in between your stone walkway, patio, or sidewalk that are filled with earth or soil usually get overrun with weeds. Weeds make your walkways look run down and poorly maintained.   If they look like they need a makeover, simply weed the cracks and power-wash the stones. All of a sudden, like magic, your walkways are looking very new and finely cut.

But wait…there’s more hidden cracks that can easily be repaired and increase the appeal of your home! Cracks in drywall if smaller than your fist can usually be fixes affordably by an amateur handy person.  If there are nail holes all over your wall that you just can’t help but notice, then there are cheap bottled solutions at the local hardware store that are as easy as applying to the hole and painting over!  See…cracks aren’t always a bad thing.

Always remember: A home that shows well, sells well!


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